Music Production and Video Shooting

Our state of the art sound studios are fitted with high quality music production equipment.

We have seasoned and talented music producers and spacious recording booths, large enough for choirs and live recording, to make your recording memorable.

We also have related services such as video shooting, marketing, DVD/CD preparation and printing and distribution. We also assist with copyright procedures.

Film Production & TV Programmes

We generate stories and write scripts for production.

We also produce fiction films, documentaries and TV drama/shows.

We also offer scriptwriting services for radio, adverts, film and music videos.

Radio Drama & Documentaries

With a body of well trained actors and actresses as well as voice over artists, we are equipped to bring out real life situations through radio drama.

Our reliable team will ensure that any radio documentary produced at Fahari Films captivates the content on the ground.

With our inbuilt Fahari studios, the sound quality of our radio programmes is above par.

Editing Suites

We have up-to-date editing suites with a variety of editing software including final cut, avid and adobe to cater for all your editing and digital post production needs.

Post Production Sound

Fahari Films composes and produces effective sound effects and original scores for films and TV programmes.

We do audio recording for radio programmes such as radio documentaries, radio dramas, radio advertisements and radio talk shows.

TV Advertisements

We produce well thought out and effective TV adverts.


We offer informed research services on film, audience, marketing trends and write documentary proposals.

Still Photography

At Fahari Films, image is everything. We pay attention to detail and come up with photographs that express any personality you may desire.

In our state-of-the-art photo studios, we offer free basic make-up and costume advice and create the look of your dream.

Visit our photo studios for outstanding digital photography and design.